• Image consultation
  • Colour suitability 
  • Colour correction
  • Individualised hair styling
  • Bespoke treatments for all hair types

The hair salon provides a personalised service and on most occasions we aim not to overlap clients to offer a more exclusive experience.  Ian has 25 years of experience in hairdressing.  He spent 8 years in London where he gained experience in working at fashion shows and for various magazines.  Ian will provide you with a full consultation to discuss the styling options that may be best suited to you as an individual. Ian has completed the coveted L'oreal colour specialist degree and will be able to work his magic to get everything just right to make you regain confidence and feel like a million dollars!     The product range used at Carte Blanche is of the highest quality to assure the optimum outcome every time.  We are not aware of any salon that is able to provide such a unique experience and are sure you will feel truly spoiled.

Please note that a skin test for sensitivity would be required 48 hours prior to hair colour treatment.

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